7 Best Foods for Beautiful Skin

According to an adage, “You’re the food choices you make”. So basically, what you eat is what reflects on your skin. Genetics and lifestyle habits may very well play key roles in skin health, but the food choices you make can go a long way in fighting acne, diminishing wrinkles and enhancing the natural beauty of your skin.

Here we walk you through the 7 best foods for beautiful skin. When you consume them in the right way, your skin gets its requisite supply of vital nutrients and glows from within.


#1 Try Tropical Fruits

Tropical fruits like guava, papaya and kiwi are rich in Vitamin C. The latter shields your skin from the damaging effect of free radicals. In addition, Vitamin C is known to be a potent antioxidant that replenishes the skin’s stores. Moreover, it also induces the production of collagen in your skin to keep it taught and firm. The body requires Vitamin C ( ascorbic acid) to heal blemishes and develop healthy skin. Stock up your kitchen with the best sources of Vitamin C like blueberries, broccoli, oranges, guava, papaya, sweet potatoes and strawberries, to name a few.


#2 Befriend Broccoli

This cruciferous vegetable is a powerful reserve of antioxidants like Vitamins C and E. While Vitamin C aids in collagen formation and keeps your skin radiant and supple, Vitamin E protects the cell membranes of your skin from the damaging effects of UV radiation. You can add in some fresh broccoli to your veggie salad or toss it in the blender to churn up a delectable yet healthy green smoothie.


#3 Get Attracted to Almonds

Almond nuts are forever known to stimulate the brain through myriad ways. But what’s surprising is that these miniature superfoods are also among the top foods for beautiful skin. You can have whole almonds as a light snack or add them to salads, yogurt and cereal for a meaty flavor. You can also stir­-fry them or toast almond slivers to use as garnishing for fish, chicken, pasta and baked dishes. The abundant Vitamin E present in almonds rejuvenates your skin and works from its deepest layer to provide long­-lasting protection from UV rays.


#4 Prepare Pastas & Whole Grain Breads

Another powerful antioxidant is selenium, a mineral that is found abundantly in bread and whole grain pasta. Selenium protects sensitive skin from environmental damage and triggers general health. Its presence is pivotal for battling out chronic inflammation and the depleting effects of free radicals. It’s also known to promote elasticity and empower the immunity system.

Selenium­-rich foods like Brazil nuts boost your skin to stand up to cancer triggers, harsh UV rays and age spots.


#5 Crunch on Carrots

To keep your skin glowing and healthy, munch on raw, cooked or boiled carrots. They are enriched with beta­carotene, a powerful antioxidant that gets converted to Vitamin A after entering your system. Additionally, it aids in the repair of skin tissue and renders dependable protection against the harsh UV rays. You can enjoy raw carrots in salads or roast them to bring out their rich, sweet flavor. It’s advisable to eat cooked carrots rather than the raw one, since they deliver greater amounts of skin­-friendly beta­-carotene!


#6 A Platter of Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are essentially the skin’s superfood, as they’re incredibly high in zinc. Zinc maintains collagen, assists in skin renewal and protects your cell membranes from osmotic/physical shock. Zinc is also involved in the optimal functioning of your skin’s sebaceous glands. These glands secrete oil, that repairs skin damage, delays aging and keeps your skin supple and soft. You can enjoy pumpkin seeds as an evening snack or toss them into some homemade trail mix, or you can sprinkle them on oatmeal for a crispy twist. Other zinc-­rich foods beneficial for the skin include fish, poultry, nuts and whole grains.


#7 Feast on Fish

Fish is a terrific superfood for all purposes. No wonder then that it’s considered to be one of the best foods for beautiful skin! Salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring, anchovies all contain omega­3­fatty acids, which fortify the cell membranes of your skin and shield them from sun damage. By doing so, they reduce the risk of contracting specific forms of skin cancer. These healthy fatty acids also retain moisture in the skin and fight off the occasional inflammation. To avail the full ambit of benefits of this skin­-friendly superfood, you need to prepare it in healthy ways! Avoid consuming deep-­fried fish, instead, opt for grilled, baked, poached and roasted fish.


Last, but definitely not the least, water should be an important add­on to your skin-­friendly diet as well. This is because water flushes out waste matter from your system and delivers essential nutrients to your tissues to promote their optimal functioning. Drinking water is one of the most effective ways to keep your skin supple and hydrated. In fact, you’d be surprised to know that all the aforementioned foods for beautiful skin possess an upwards of 50% water content!