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The 6 Spray Tan Tips you need

The 6 Spray Tan Tips you need

If you’re anything like us, you have probably taken a bit of a break from Spray Tanning over Winter (because even the thought of dealing with that level of cold is too much for us). If you’ve braved through Winter and been loyal to Spray Tanning throughout – good on you, girl (that deserves a brow treatment in our salon 😉)! Now that we’re coming into Spring (can I hear a woohoooo!!), we know we’ll be seeing lots of you back again for that bronzed-look goodness. So, we’ve put together a couple of tips on how to best prepare for your tan and how to make it last.

1. Do not be slack with exfoliating
Exfoliating is the most important prep you can do before a spray tan. If you forget to do this, your fresh spray tan will cling onto dead skin/previous tan and it just isn’t something you want hanging on for up to two weeks. Exfoliating removes all the dead skin, old tan and allows for a beautiful, even, smooth application. It will also help the tan last longer because it’s holding onto new skin – not dead skin that’s about to shred off!

2. Don’t remove body hair too close to your tan appointment
The key is to wax a few days before your spray tan appointment, or shave your legs the night before (or shave at least 6 or so hours before at the least). Why, you ask? Well firstly, freshly shaven legs leave open pores and guess where your Spray Tan product is going to set up camp? Yup. In those pores. It’ll leaves tiny dark spots all over your legs and while you can only see it super close up, it really doesn’t help the overall smooth, even application we’re going for. Shaving too close to your appointment also increases chances of irritated, uncomfortable skin (because of those pesky pores again and sometimes, because shaving actually causes tiny microscopic wounds which when you add spray tan solution, stings!). It’s very important to remove your hair prior to your spray tan, because you otherwise risk having to shave post-tan which exfoliates the skin in the process and shortens the life of your tan.

3. No moisturising in the 12 hours leading up to your appointment
It can leave a residue on your skin which diminishes the effectiveness of the tan. We don’t want that for you. “What about using it as a barrier cream on elbows/knees/ankles”, you ask? That, we will allow… but go easy – we still want those areas to tan, we just don’t want the tan to grab too harshly (we’ve all been there, and orange hands/knees/ankles isn’t a vibe).

4. No deodorant (or perfume!)
This is very important. Don’t wear it to your appointment at all, and if you do (for those coming straight from work or another appointment), use our wipes and remove it properly. The ingredients in your deodorant and/or perfumes can clash with the colouring process and in some cases turn these areas of the skin green. GREEN! (So we all agree this is important, right?)

5. Go commando (post tan, obviously)
Ok we understand that people need to wear undies, but the bra can stay in your bag – can it not? Tight clothing such as the straps supporting your girls will rub on and wear off your fresh tan. If you can’t go braless, opt for a strapless or bandeau style one. All post-tan clothing should be loose-fitting.

6. Moisturise after your post-tan shower
Keeping your skin hydrated will help that gorgeous fresh tan hold on for longer. Do it daily after your tan, but know when to stop moisturising and start exfoliating. Exfoliating over a few days towards the end of your tan will ensure an even removal and prevent blotching/patches.

Voila! These are the 6 Spray Tan Tips you need. Pretty simple, huh? It really just comes down to properly preparing for and maintaining your Spray Tan. It’s pretty simple, but also easily forgotten. We totally get it, life is busy and skin care often falls off our list of priorities. But how good is it when we are beautifully bronzed with a perfect spray tan application? One of the most underrated luxuries in the world, if you ask us! Spending that little bit of extra time to care for your skin pre and post spray tan makes a world of difference in the end result. Make the most of your glow, beauties.


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