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Benefits of facial massage
  • Replenish and rejuvenate your skin
  • Having clearer, healthier and glowing skin
  • Facials for acne and/or facials for pigmentation is perfect for these ailments
  • Pamper yourself, unwind and enjoy uninterrupted relaxing time
  • Enhance the anti-aging process which offers you a more youthful and luscious skin
  • Increase the flow of oxygen and improve blood circulation so your skin can better absorb any skincare product you apply

Browz & Beauty Adelaide and Canberra exclusively use Organic Spa products for all of our facial massage services and we also stock an extensive range of affordable retail products available for purchase.

Facials are the perfect addition to your skin care routine. Your pores will be cleansed, dead skin exfoliated, and your skin ailments cured with a customised treatment according to your skin type. We will balance, calm, treat, strengthen and hydrate your skin. Leaving your skin feeling luminous and your soul refreshed. Choose from a range of Facials on our services menu.
Everyone is welcome to try our facials! If you have any allergies or skin sensitivities, just be sure you know the products and their ingredients. Our beauticians can help you with this prior to your appointment.
There is no aftercare required for this treatment.

Please check our price menu for your nearest salon location to view prices.