Getting YOU ready for Spring.

Winter is no longer coming.  In fact, these cold months are behind us and we couldn’t be happier.  It’s time to shed that winter coat both your trench and that extra hair that you have let grow out while you were able to hide it.  Here are some great tips to get that spring into your skin.


With the weather heating up it’s time to swap the trackies for shorts or skirts and we are so excited to get into our summer wardrobe.  This means it’s time to expose our skin.  EEEEEKKKK!  Many of us know we should keep up our wax routine over winter but instead of heading to the salon comfy nights on the couch often win and body hair is covered so we continue to grow it out.  That makes now the perfect time to get rid of unwanted body hair and let your soft silky skin shine.  The benefits of waxing your way into spring is that over winter you have given your hair time to grow so this will help give you a more even result.  A wax will generally last four to six weeks so you can put your shaver away and have smoother skin for longer.  If you have let your hair get extremely long, we recommend you trim to between ½ and one cm to minimize discomfort.


This season is all about lashes!  We love a naturally beautiful look and eyelash extensions or a lash lift and tint are easy low maintenance ways to pull off this look.  Spring is the perfect time to ditch that mascara and say goodbye to panda eyes.  With eyelash extensions you can walk out the house with minimal make up and still look as glam as any celebrity.  The best thing about eyelash extensions is they are semi-permanent and with the right looking after will last 4 to 6 weeks before you need a refill.


With the increase of skin on show it may also be time to get that summer glow.  We do spray tans.  Our tans only need two hours to develop so you can have a sun kissed look sooner.  A great tan will not only have you looking toned but it also can improve your mood.


We can’t offer you a service in this but one of our hottest tips for spring is to bring back your SPF into your routine.  Australia has one of the harshest UV rates and we want you to look after your skin.  SPF is an essential to doing this.


Now go out there and enjoy the weather and show off your spring skin.