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Hybrid Brow / Lash Tint


Welcome to Browz and Beauty, the premier destination for all your beauty needs, where we’re excited to introduce the latest trend that’s taking the Brow & Lash world by storm – the Hybrid Brow & Lash Tint. This revolutionary service combines the best of both worlds, offering the natural look of a regular Tint with results that rival the longevity of Henna. If you’re looking for an innovative and long-lasting solution to enhance your brows and lashes, look no further. Our Hybrid Brow & Lash Tint will leave you intrigued and amazed with its exceptional results. Read on to discover more about this game-changing treatment.

With the capability to provide similar effects to Henna, this advanced technique surpasses traditional Tints in durability, ensuring your brows and lashes maintain their striking appeal for an extended period. Embrace the convenience of waking up every morning with effortlessly defined features, as our skilled professionals work their magic to tailor the perfect tint for your unique style and preferences. Experience the blend of expertise and innovation at Browz and Beauty, where our Hybrid Brow & Lash Tint service guarantees to leave you feeling confident and thrilled with your enhanced beauty. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity – indulge in the ultimate brow and lash transformation today.

Hybrid Tint is an innovative ammonia-free gel dye which stains sparse brows and suits most skin types. When applied to lashes, it provides a beautiful finish making mascara a thing of the past. Hybrid Tint is highly pigmented and can give a dramatic or natural look.  We have 7 colours to mix together for your perfect match. It lasts up to 7 days on the skin and up to 7 weeks on the hair*. When applying it to lashes, it only stains the hair.
*Individual results vary).
Hybrid Tint is suitable for all women, but women with thin, sparse brows will particularly appreciate the results in a Brow Tint.  Women with extremely sparse looking brows may not be suitable candidates (Regular or Henna Tint may be more suitable in this instance). Those who have healthy skin types that are not too oily also perfectly fit the criteria. Hybrid Lash Tint is suitable for all lash types.
Eyebrows and Lashes cannot get wet for the first 24 hours following treatment. No products should be used on brows or lashes during this period either. At your appointment, one of our beauticians will discuss the range of aftercare products available for purchase.
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