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Facials for Winter – Adelaide and Canberra

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Facials – Adelaide and Canberra

Winter is fast approaching and with Winter, comes dry (and freezing cold) air. Unfortunately for us, this generally means drier-than-usual skin. That is of course, unless you give your skin the TLC it needs (and deserves!). One way to do this is with regular facials.

Does everyone’s skin go dry in Winter?
Generally speaking, everyone’s skin is more dry in Winter than any other season. While the level of dryness will vary from person to person, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience some level of dryness.

Why is dry skin bad?
Imagine you’re in the desert where it hasn’t rained for goodness knows how long. How do you picture the ground looking? Lush, healthy and moist? Definitely not. Our skin is kind of like the Australian Desert in this sense. When it doesn’t receive water/hydration, it dries out. Just as the Desert ground can crack under such conditions, so can our skin. Dry skin can also lead to other irritations such as flaking and itchiness, and cause premature ageing.

Which facial would help me with dry skin?
There are SO many facials which would help keep your skin hydrated and fight against the dry Winter air. One of our Winter faves is our Deluxe Bio-Hydration. This one-hour facial is a hydrating and moisture-locking treatment which will replenish thirsty skin, illuminate the complexion and combat dehydration. Read more about all the facials available here.

What kind of products are used in facials?
At Browz & Beauty, across our Canberra and Adelaide salons, we use Organic Spa products. It is important to us to use only the best products; Organic Spa is Australian owned and made, 100% certified organic, vegan, planet-friendly, ethical and results driven. It delivers optimum results with its beautiful organic ingredients blended with natural actives, just as nature intended. You can learn more about the Organic Spa product range here. Or, pop into one of our Adelaide or Canberra salons and chat with one of our friendly beauticians.

Can I get a facial at any Browz & Beauty Salon?
We offer Facials at our Canberra and Adelaide salons (Woden, Belconnen and Marion). You will be taken into a beautiful room where your senses will be pampered while you unwind and relax (and give dry skin the boot!).

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