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Getting Ready For Spring

Getting Ready For Spring – Winter is no longer coming. In fact, those chilly months are now behind us, and it’s time to welcome the warmth of spring. At Browz & Beauty, we’re here to guide you on how to shed that winter coat, both in terms of clothing and the extra hair that may have been hiding during the colder days. Let’s embark on a journey to get that spring into your skin!

Getting Ready For Spring


Say Goodbye to Winter Layers

With the weather warming up, it’s time to trade in those cozy trackies for shorts and skirts. Excitement fills the air as we dig into our summer wardrobe, but, oh no, it’s time to face the reality of neglected body hair. Fear not! Now is the perfect moment to bid farewell to unwanted hair and let your soft, silky skin take center stage.

Why Waxing?

Waxing is your go-to solution for a smooth transition into spring. If winter months saw you neglecting your wax routine, fret not. The benefits of waxing now include a more even result, given the time your hair has had to grow. Enjoy the perks of a wax that lasts four to six weeks, allowing you to put away the shaver and revel in smoother skin for a more extended period. For those who’ve let their hair grow excessively, a trim to ½ to one cm is recommended for minimal discomfort.


Celebrate the Season with Lashes

This spring, it’s all about lashes! Achieve a naturally beautiful look with our eyelash extensions or a lash lift and tint, offering an easy, low-maintenance approach to sophistication. Say goodbye to the hassle of mascara and panda eyes. With eyelash extensions, you can step out with minimal makeup and still exude the glamour of a celebrity. Enjoy semi-permanent results that can last 4 to 6 weeks with proper care.


Get Your Summer Glow On

As more skin is revealed this season, why not indulge in a sun-kissed glow? Our spray tans develop in just two hours, ensuring you achieve that radiant look sooner. Beyond enhancing your tone, a great tan can elevate your mood, leaving you feeling confident and ready to embrace the sunny days ahead.


Don’t Forget the SPF

While we can’t provide a service for this, our hottest tip for spring is to reintroduce SPF into your routine. Australia boasts one of the harshest UV rates, and we want you to protect your skin. Make SPF an essential part of your spring skincare routine to ensure you maintain your radiant glow while safeguarding your skin.

Getting Ready For Spring – Browz & Beauty

Now, go out there, bask in the beautiful weather, and flaunt your rejuvenated spring skin. Visit Browz & Beauty for all your beauty needs, and let us help you embrace the season with confidence and radiance.

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