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Hybrid Lash Tint – All Your Questions Answered

Hybrid Lash Tint 

We know all our regulars are well and truly aware of this, but if you’re new here, let us introduce you to the latest lash beauty service – Hybrid Lash Tinting! If you’re a regular lash lift/tinter, this is a service you may be keen to try, with results lasting up to 7 weeks (instead of up to 4 weeks with a regular lash tint!). It’s a big yes from us! Here are some of your most common questions answered:

Why does a Hybrid Lash Tint last so much longer than a regular tint?

It comes down to a good product and an even better application. Our girls will mix the perfect colour for you, let it develop a little, then apply it to your lashes and let it develop even further to ensure long-lasting, beautiful results.

Will it damage my natural lashes?

Hybrid lash tinting does not damage your natural lashes – it is no harsher to your lashes than a regular lash tint product. It’s a gel-based, ammonia-free product.

Does it stain the skin?

Hybrid Tint stains the skin if you intend for it to stain the skin (i.e. for a brow tint), but obviously, we’re talking lashes here, so in this instance, we won’t let it stain your skin! (If we’ve now sparked your interest in Hybrid Brow Tinting, read our blog post on it here).

Is it more expensive than regular tint?

Because Hybrid lash tint is an upgrade on a regular tint, with longer-lasting results, there is a slight price variation. But we’re basically talking about the cost of your large takeaway latte here ladies – nothing huge or scary.

Can I get it with my lash lift instead of a regular tint?

You sure can! Again, there is a price difference of a few dollars for the upgrade, but with your lash lift lasting up to 8 weeks, it makes a lot of sense to opt for a lash tint that matches that (i.e. Hybrid!).

Does it take longer in the salon?

No – it takes the same amount of time to process as regular tint. How good!

How do I book?!

Give us a call or book online here. You can try Hybrid lash tinting on it’s own, or alongside a lash lift service. Either way, you’ll be able to pop that mascara away for a good while beauties, because it’s not very often our lash tint customers don’t become regulars 😉