Lash shedding

Lash Shedding 101


Our eyelashes fall out in cycles, completely replenishing every 60-90 days. Almost makes you wonder how we have any left, right? Our bodies are so clever, that with each lash that falls out, another has already started growing to fill its place (thanks body, you clever thing!).

The average person will lose approximately five to seven lashes per day. You probably wouldn’t even notice this normally because lashes are so fine and light. If you have lash extensions, however, you may notice it more. But, before you blame or second guess your poor lash tech, let us reassure you that lash shedding is a completely normal and natural process.

Lash Shedding 101

What affects my lash shedding cycle?

Quite a lot, actually! From your natural shedding cycle which varies (sometimes hugely) from person to person, to the season – there are many factors that affect your lash shedding cycle can impact your shedding cycle.

Each person is unique

Just like none of us share a fingerprint, none of us share identical lash shedding cycles. Your general health, age, medications you may take, and naughty habits (we’re looking at you, lash-tuggers/touchers) can all impact how long your lashes remain in place. Those with hormonal imbalances, nutrient or iron deficiencies, thyroid disease, oily skin, or even just those under extreme stress are all known to have a faster lash shedding rate.

‘Tis the season

Spring, that is. And Autumn. These are the seasons where people will experience greater hair shedding. This doesn’t just apply to the occasional person – every single human being will shed more hair during this time. It isn’t called ‘Lash Shedding Season’ for nothin’!

What can I do to stop or slow my lash shedding cycle?

Unless you’re a lash tugger/toucher (in which case you must stop this immediately – dreadful habit!), there isn’t a whole lot you can do unfortunately. Keeping your 2-3 weekly infill appointments will make sure any shedding remains unnoticeable and you will have full-looking lashes all year round. Another thing to remember is to keep your lash extensions clean and brush them into place each day. Be sure to use an oil-free lash cleanser. This will help keep away additional build-up and keep your lashes healthy and happy. If you want to promote growth and density, you could also buy a lash growth serum (ask any of our friendly staff about our Browgasm or Lash Rejuvenator Products next time you’re in the salon).