Brow Henna

What is Brow Henna?


Brow Henna is a type of Eyebrow Tinting that stains the skin lying under the brow hair and colours the brow leaving long-lasting, luscious tint that can last up to 6 weeks in the hair and up to 14 days on the skin. Brow Henna has 99.5% natural ingredients as its constituent. With a wide range of colours, it allows a person to find the ideal blend that is suitable for any hair colour or skin type. 

What Is the Difference Between Henna and Brow Tint?

Eyebrow Tinting slightly stains the skin and after a day or two, it fades to a natural, subtle finish. It takes approximately 3-5 minutes for the colour to develop, and there are several varieties of shades that are mixed to match your hair/skin tones.

Brow henna service provided by us in Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin locations stands perfect for people who have sparse brows, as it colours the skin in order to create a ‘powder-filled’ look. It lasts longer than the average eyebrow tints. Due to the natural ingredients of the product, it suits most clients who generally have sensitive skin.

How Long Will This Last?

This question will depend on many factors. Clients with oily skin may find the results don’t last as long as a normal skin type.  Also, if you use a lot of facial products, the henna will fade quicker.

Is There Any Aftercare for Henna Brows?

After your brow henna service, we recommend the following:

  • Add Eyebrow Threading or Waxing to your appointment to get optimal results
  • Do not wet the eyebrows for as long as possible ( at least for the first 12 hours)
  • Use as little products on your brow area as possible 

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