Rose Gua Sha Therapy Canberra

Rose Gua Sha Therapy

If you’re anything like us and are on Tik Tok (yes! We’re on Tik Tok – find us here) and/or Insta, you’ll probably have noticed that Gua Sha Therapy is taking over the world. I mean, does anyone not use a healing stone in their beauty regime these days? Gua Sha is a seriously old beauty tool, dating back to the Stone Ages (literally). For it to have stuck around this long, you know it’s good. We’re here to confirm this, and tell you everything you need to know about this amazing treatment (which would make the perfect Christmas gift for just about everyone 😉).

Rose Quartz, the stone used during this therapy treatment is known as the ‘love stone’, and is both beautifying and healing. It carries positive energy, helping to ease tension, stress and anxiety, increase self-love and promote a feeling of wellbeing. With gentle but firm strokes across the face towards the temporomandibular (front of the ear canal), the Rose Quartz Gua Sha increases lymphatic drainage and delivers a strong detoxification effect. Not only does this create ultimate relaxation, but it also helps to firm the skin, smooth fine lines and relieve facial tension. Do you squint or frown when concentrating and/or tense your jaw throughout your day? This is precisely the kind of facial tension we aim to ease.

Your Rose Gua Sha Facial in our Woden and Belconnen salons is complimented with beautiful Organic Spa products as it not only gives your skin a ‘work out’ but also helps the products’ nutrients absorb better into the skin. The treatment lifts and tones the skin, increases blood circulation, stimulates the dermis to support collagen and elastin production, and soothes and brightens your complexion. Gua Sha? More like Gua magic, if you ask us 😉

The 60-minute treatment will leave your skin looking and feeling beautiful, and you will leave with a glow you didn’t know existed. Rose Gua Sha Therapy is changing the game for our Canberra beauties, one contoured and plump face at a time (treatment not currently available outside of Canberra).

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