How to remove Eyelash Extensions safely

How to remove Eyelash Extensions

How to remove Eyelash Extensions

The festive season often brings about many newbies to the lash extensions world; those who want to feel a little extra for their Christmas/New Year break and/or just treat themselves (it’s Christmas! Why not?!). So, they book themselves a lash extension appointment with the intention of not having them refilled and letting them just fall out over time. This is fine, but when you’re left with half your lash extensions missing, you’re probably going to want to just remove the rest. The big question here, is how can you do this without ruining your natural lashes (or hurting yourself/causing an infection etc)? We often get one of two answers here; 1) this is irrelevant to me because I caved and have already booked my refill appointment (this makes up about 97% of you 😉) or 2) trusty old Google will help me with a DIY at home job. If your answer is the latter, we insist that you read on.

We know, it’s tempting. Especially when there are so many articles claiming that ‘coconut oil’ or ‘hot steam’ can do the trick. But before you get that greasy coconut oil in your eyes/clothes/hair OR even worse – scorch yourself with hot steam (both tips sourced from a quick Google search), let’s pause and reflect, shall we?

While Lash Extensions themselves won’t ruin your natural lashes (unless you break our care guide rules), attempting to remove them yourself at home often does! And some of the stuff the results on Google tells you to do is the exact reason we are here writing this blog post. Coconut oil is great, but don’t lather it thick on your eyes and expect it to work magic. It’s true that oils can break down the glue, but chances are, some will end up in your eyes (or on your favourite blouse) and that can be dangerous (and sad). And the hot steam suggestion? Terrible, terrible idea. Let’s just book you a Lash Extension Removal appointment and do it properly (without scorching any faces), yeah?

We are qualified experts, have the tools and skills required to gently remove the extensions without causing damage or injury and will have it done faster than you could have even removed a single extension safely. The biggest perk of all? We won’t ruin your natural lashes in the process and you can come back again next Christmas (or sooner, because life is too short not to be a little ‘extra’ 😉).

Now, let’s book that appointment, beauty.