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Rosehip Oil Benefits

Derived from the fruit left behind after the rose has bloomed and dropped its petals, Rosehip Oil is genuinely a gift from Mother Nature. Rosehip Oil offers a magnitude of benefits for the skin, hair and body, and it doesn’t discriminate. No matter your age or skin type, this powerful oil benefits almost everyone. This is especially true if you’re using sustainably sourced, Certified Organic Rosehip Oil like ours from Organic Spa. This particular Oil is filled with vitamins and minerals, and is packed full of essential fatty acids of omega, high levels of antioxidants, Linoleic Acid and more. Here’s a breakdown of what Rosehip Oil can do for your skin.

Rosehip Oil has all the fatty acids – we’re talking Omega 6 + 7 + 9 (talk about value for money), so it helps to protect the skin while plumping, smoothing and soothing the skin. Studies have also shown that it can help protect collagen and elastin which would otherwise accelerate skin ageing. Starting to get pigmentation from the sun? You can (and should) use Rosehip Oil for protection.

If you don’t yet have stretch marks but are anticipating them (perhaps you’re pregnant), Rosehip Oil is an amazing (pregnancy-safe) option for helping reduce the severity of them. The phenols in the oil have an antibacterial impact, meaning it can help protect the skin from free radicals that can cause premature ageing and fine lines (thanks to the high level of Vitamin C in the oil).

Stretch marks, wrinkles and scars are all a part of what make you you. While we encourage you to embrace these beauty marks (because that’s exactly what they are, beauty marks), we do understand that you may want to help reduce their visibility. Rosehip Oil is incredible for exactly this; the Tretinoin in the Oil words wonders on repairing scars including acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks and pigmentation. Vitamins A, B, C and K are all in this essential oil, and have amazing benefits.

Support skin conditions
Rosehip Oil is an anti-inflammatory, making it perfect for those who suffer with acne and skin conditions like eczema. Ever heard of Sebum? It’s an oily substance which sits in the middle layers of the skin, which helps moisturise and protect the skin… Rosehip Oil, when applied regularly, helps regulate Sebum! We’re telling you beauties; this is the holy grail of skincare products!!

Rosehip Oil is a beautiful product; gentle on the skin, natural and loaded with benefits that your skin will love. You can grab a bottle of Organic Spa Certified Organic Rosehip Oil from our Woden, Belconnen or Marion salons. And thank us later 😉