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Adelaide, Darwin and Canberra Brides – get your best Lashes and Brows with Browz and Beauty

Brides Best Lashes and Brows

Brides best lashes and Brows – Let us help you prep for your big day!

Tis the season! (For Spring Weddings, that is!). Adelaide, Canberra, and Darwin Brides – we’re here to help you get your BEST Lashes and Brows for your big day! Not only that, but we will also give you some hot tips on when to book to ensure they’ve settled just in time for you to meet your wife or hubby at the aisle 😉

Congratulations, Beautiful Bride-to-Be!

First and foremost, let us just shout our congratulations to you!! You’re getting MARRIED! This is such an exciting chapter in your life, and we hope you love every single moment of both planning to wed and your actual wedding day. If you’re feeling a little stressy, you’re not the only one (ever heard of the term ‘Bride-Zilla’? Apparently, it’s the stress of planning the biggest day of your life that creates this little monster – who would’ve thought?). We hope that in reading this, you’re able to tick a few more things off your to-do list with ease.

Brow Bliss: Precision with Brow Threading

Let’s start with your brows. Brow Threading is our specialty, and the reason we love it so much is because there is literally no other brow hair removal process which achieves the precision that Brow Threading does (literally – just google it if you don’t believe us!) Waxing is another great option, but whichever you choose, be sure to speak to your beautician about any allergies or sensitivities you have (the last thing you need is a bad reaction). These methods will both achieve beautifully shaped brows.

To enhance your new brow shape we recommend a Brow Tint. We offer regular tint, Hybrid, or Henna. We can go into more detail about each of these with you in the salon (or you can read more here), but the most popular among the three is Hybrid. All three tints can achieve a beautiful, natural finish, which generally settles within a few days. We’d recommend booking your brow tint service for approximately 2 days before your big day, to allow the color to properly develop and settle. By this time post-brow tint service, most customers generally have their best brows.

If you want a little something extra (and why not – you are getting married after all!), you can also try Brow Lamination. If you’re going to have your brows done for your wedding, we recommend having them done before your makeup trial too. That way, your makeup artist knows what she’s working with, what tools/products she will need and (most importantly), you will be able to see what you can expect for your big day!

Lash Love: Elevate Your Gaze

Now, let’s talk lashes! If you’ve got beautifully long, dark lashes, you might just opt for a lash lift and tint. Sometimes all a girl needs is a little curl. If you lack in the lash department (we’re right there with you, babes), lash extensions might be more appealing for you! We do a lot of Classic Lashes for Brides, but you can also go for Hybrid or Volume if you want (your day, your rules!). Extensions are semi-permanent and if you want them gone after your wedding day, we strongly advise against doing this yourself (find out why here). You’d need to arrange a lash removal appointment with us (or you can let them fall out naturally over time, but this can take a while and can look a little funny if you have random long lashes against short, natural ones).

Lash extensions can be done any day before your wedding, but keep in mind that we do book up in advance for this service – so you may want to at least secure your booking a few weeks in advance. In saying that, if you need an urgent last-minute appointment, we will ALWAYS do what we can to make it work, so definitely give us a call!

Visit Browz & Beauty for Your Radiant Bridal Look

Elevate your bridal beauty with Browz & Beauty. Book your appointment today for flawless brows and lashes that will leave you glowing as you walk down the aisle. Your dream wedding look awaits! Search for us online using keywords like ‘Brides best Lashes and Brows near me,’ and let us make your special day even more extraordinary. Congratulations again on your upcoming wedding!

If you’re a Gateway Shopping Centre (NT), Mitchell Centre (NT) or Marion (SA) local, we also offer Spray Tans! This is one you need to prepare for, and one that we strongly recommend you book in for a few days before the wedding (but not more than a few days! Nothing beats a fresh tan for a beautiful glow!). There are a bunch of preparation tips we have prepared for your best tan, which you can read here.

Want to try any of the above before you commit for the big day? Why not book in for your Hen’s / Bridal Shower as a little trial to make sure you’re happy? We are confident you’re going to love your results, and we cannot WAIT to help you look your best for your almost hubby/wife 😉