What kind of lash extensions should I get?

What kind of lash extensions should I get?

What kind of lash extensions should I get?

There are so many different types of Lash Extensions, but the most popular three in our Canberra, Adelaide, and Darwin salons are Classic, Hybrid, and Volume. So what kind of lash extensions should you get? Good question! The answer comes down to the result you’re after!

I’m new here – which type should I go for?

If you’re new to eyelash extensions and don’t want to jump into a dramatic look, but rather maintain a more natural look while you get used to them, you may want to ease into it with a set of Classic Extensions. This is the most natural lash extension available, where one natural lash extension is applied to each one natural lash.

I want something a little more than Classics… What’s the next level up?

We hear you! The next ‘level up’ in terms of lash extensions is Hybrid, which uses a 50/50 combination of Classic lash extensions and Volume extensions. Hybrid is perfect for adding volume without going too dramatic. And yes, you can have Hybrid lash extensions even if you have sparse lashes (we get this question a lot 😉).

I’m all about the glam – give me some extensions which will give me all the length and volume!

For ALL the volume and length you could possibly want (or need!), there are Volume lash extensions. This is where multiple lash extension ‘fans’ are applied to each one natural lash for a full look. The result? Big Drama/Volume/Lash Goals!

Let’s talk eye ‘shape’

When you arrive at the salon, your lash technician will assess your eye shape and may suggest a particular application type to suit it. For example, those with almond-shaped eyes would suit a different lash extension application to those with smaller or hooded eyes. There are SO many different ways to apply eyelash extensions, and playing around with different applications can be a lot of fun (and a great way to figure out what you like best). For example – ever heard of the Cat Eye effect? Just as we can create a dramatic cat eye look with good eyeliner, we can do the same with lash extensions. How? We just apply the extensions longer as we progress along the lash line so that by the time we’ve reached the outer lashes, we’re applying the longest extensions for that perfect cat eye effect. The result is amazing. Check out our Instagram here for loads of eyelash extension ‘before and after’ pics of real-life customers.

Should I come in for a consult?

When you book your eyelash extensions in our Canberra, Adelaide, or Darwin salon, you will automatically receive a free consult at the start of the appointment before we start applying your extensions. If you know which lashes you like best or the look you hope to achieve, be sure to let your technician know. On the other hand, if you’re totally unsure and need some advice, our eyelash extension technicians are your girls. They will give recommendations and explain everything to you so it’s crystal clear.

If you have any other questions about eyelash extensions, pop into any of our salons today. We’re always happy to have a chat and help you in any way we can. Want to book for eyelash extensions now? You can do so here.