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Adelaide Eyelash Extensions

Questions you should ask before getting Lash Extensions

Adelaide Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions: Are they as great as they seem? Yet, there’s that undeniable nerve-wracking feeling if it’s your first time, preparing to lie down for two hours with your eyes shut, putting your trust in someone you barely know, with those very eyes you rely on. Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? But don’t let that rattle you, because lash extensions are far from scary – they’re stunning and entirely safe. Well, that’s assuming you’re heading to truly skilled and trusted lash extension experts. Need a hand with this? Let’s assist you by presenting 6 key questions you should pose before your lash appointment.

1 – Are you a qualified Lash Extension Tech?

It’s essential that anyone handling or working around your eyes has the proper qualifications. The eyes are incredibly delicate and sensitive, so if you’re entrusting someone without the right credentials, they might not be following the correct protocols for tool cleaning and replacement, adhesive use, or Extensions application. Imagine all those tools near your eyeball in the hands of an unqualified person – it’s a risk we’d rather avoid. These oversights can lead to lash damage, infections, or even harm to your eyes. At Browz & Beauty, you can have peace of mind knowing that our Eyelash Extensions Techs in Adelaide, Darwin, and Canberra are all fully qualified professionals.

2- What Lash Adhesive do you use?

Knowing which Lash Adhesive your Lash Tech is using is important for identifying ingredients and any reactions you could have. This is particularly important if are known to have sensitivities or potential allergies. If the Lash Tech is unable to provide this information, you should consider going elsewhere. This is easily accessible information and should not be an issue to provide.

3 – What if I have sensitive eyes/history of infections?

Any good lash extension tech will tell you that if you have extremely sensitive eyes or a history of eye infections, lash extensions may not be suitable for you. In saying that, having a one-on-one conversation with the lash tech will help you to establish this. If you’re local to Woden or Belconnen (ACT), Marion (SA), Gateway Shopping Centre, Casuarina Square or Mitchell Centre (NT), be sure to pop by one of our salons for a friendly chat.

4 – How do I care for my Lash Extensions?

If your Lash Tech does not or cannot provide you with simple steps on how to best care for Lash Extensions, turn around and run. Just kidding. That’d be a little dramatic. But seriously, you need to know before having your extensions applied that this lash tech knows her stuff. The aftercare for lash extensions is critical for maintaining good lash extension retention but also, good eye health! After your lash extension appointment at Browz & Beauty, your lash tech will run through the aftercare steps with you quickly. For convenience, we also SMS these to you. Our Canberra, Darwin and Adelaide Eyelash Extensions’ customer’s can also find some aftercare information here.

5 – What kind of Lash Extensions should I get?

Classic, hybrid, volume – the world of lash extensions can seem a bit overwhelming, right? And then there’s talk of D Curl, 8mm, 16mm… If you’re feeling a bit lost in this sea of options, don’t worry – we totally get it. But here’s the good news: your lash extension technician is like your personal guide through this journey. They’ve got all the answers and can suggest what works based on your eye shape, eyelid length, and all those little details. So, when you’re chatting with them, be sure to describe the exact look you’re after. After all, lash extensions can swing from ultra-natural to super glam. It’s all about finding your perfect balance.

6 – How often do I need to come back for infills?

The answer will be 2-3 weeks, depending on your natural lash cycle and how well you take care of them. But asking this question will give you peace of mind in knowing that again, your lash tech knows her stuff and is reputable (just like your gals at Browz & Beauty are 😉).

We’d love to see you in the salon and help you with your lashes, but if you’re not local to any of our NT, ACT or SA salons, we wish you happy lashing, beauties!