Men's Waxing Darwin

Men’s Waxing Darwin

Men’s Waxing Darwin, Adelaide, Canberra

The benefits of Body Waxing for Men

Men’s Waxing in our Canberra, Darwin and Adelaide salons are proving to be very popular. Especially amongst men looking for low maintenance, effective hair removal – and for good reason! Did you know that waxing does more than just remove hair? It’s like a mini spa treatment that exfoliates your skin, prevents those annoying ingrown hairs and the red bumps that tag along, and even helps keep body odor in check. Plus, the results last way longer than shaving or plucking. So, whether your face is starting to resemble Tom Hanks in Castaway, you’ve got that persistent ear hair, or even those chest and back hairs hiding those hard-earned pecs, it’s time to level up, guys! Embrace body waxing and enjoy these awesome benefits:

It’s low-maintenance

While people generally consider body waxing to be high maintenance, it’s actually a lot less maintenance than shaving at home.  You can get weeks in between each visit! Ditch buying razors at your weekly grocery shop, pop into your nearest Browz & Beauty salon every 3-4 instead!

It creates less body odour

Wild, but true! Body hair naturally absorbs perspiration – even if it’s short (i.e. after shaving!). Because waxing removes the hair from the follicle, there is nothing left for odour to stick to! If you’re a sweater, body waxing is going to be your new best mate.

It exfoliates and removes all your dead skin

Yep – along with all your hair on the wax strip after your wax, you’ll find all your dead skin and even blackheads! It’s no wonder it feels so good afterwards.

Following your wax appointment, there are a few things you’ll need to do:
o If you exercise or swim, ensure you have a hot shower to clean your skin and finish with cold water to close your pores
o Invest in after care products, including exfoliating gloves, moisturiser and ingrown hair product like our Bump Eraser. While waxing is generally better for ingrown hairs, it is still possible to have one every now and then. If/when they do pop up, our Bump Eraser is a scientifically formulated product designed to help prevent ingrown hairs, redness and bumps for smooth and healthy-looking skin. You can grab a bottle from your nearest salon.
o Cleanse your skin using mild PH skin wash products

Now go enjoy your silky smooth skin, gents!

Body Waxing is available in our Mitchell Centre, Casuarina Square, Gateway Shopping Centre, Westfield Woden, Westfield Belconnen and Westfield Marion salons.