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Body Waxing Benefits

Body Waxing Benefits

Name something more luxurious than beautifully smooth, silky skin. No really, go on and try. If you’ve always been a shaver and haven’t tried body waxing before, then chances are you really don’t know what it’s like to have silk-like skin. Why? Because shaving doesn’t get the hair from the root. It also leaves bumps that you probably wouldn’t even realise are there (in shaving auto-pilot mode), until you try body waxing. It’s true; the silky-smooth feeling you get from body waxing is amazing… but the benefits of waxing don’t end there.

It slows the regrowth down
Yep! Because the hair is pulled out down to the root, it grows back much slower than it does when you shave. What’s this mean? 1) You stay smoother for longer, 2) you have to remove the hair less often (leaving you more time to get those brows taken care of by yours truly 😉 and 3) you save money on replacing razors every gosh darn week).

It’s an exfoliator
We are fully aware this sounds to good to be true, but it’s 100% accurate – you’re getting a two-for-one service in waxing. This is also what contributes to the silky-smooth finish we speak of. When wax is applied to the skin and then removed, it peels away any dead skin with it! It leaves that silky-smooth feeling lasting longer and makes for a beautiful, even and long-lasting spray tan too.

It can help prevent ingrown hairs (ouch and ick)
They’re a little unsightly (especially if they get infected) and quite painful, but everyone gets them. You can still get them with waxing, but waxing has also been known to reduce them.

It normally results in thinner hair growth (thick hair growth people are gonna love this one!)
Its true. Waxing can change the texture of the hair! How? Well, pulling hair out from the root over and over will eventually damage the hair follicles and hinder their ability to promote long, thick hairs.

The experience only gets better
Regular body waxing thins out your hair which makes it easier to remove over time. This means less pain (not that it’s that bad anyway) and a happier YOU.

Time to ditch those razors ladies and gents. Body Waxing is (clearly) a no-brainer. If you haven’t already, check out our body waxing services on the price menu for your local salon (available here). We offer men’s and women’s full body waxing at each of our ACT, NT and SA salons. Just call us the silky-smooth skin angels 😉