Time for self-love beauties

Time for self-love, beauties!

Time for self-love, beauties!

Self-love – noun.
Being in love with every part of yourself – body and personality. Knowing that you are number one.

Some may argue that to indulge in self-love is conceited, vain or egotistical. To those people we say; you’re looking at it all wrong. Self-love isn’t just important in this day and age, it’s critical. Why? We’re SO glad you asked (also mildly concerned that you even have to ask, but we’ll let that slide this time).

Imagine living a life committed to your boundaries. Your wellbeing. Your mental and emotional health, and your body. Now imagine the benefits of living your life like this? Sounds like actual bliss, right? So why are so many of us failing to take any time out for self-love? I bet 96% of you just answered with ‘I don’t have time’, but that’s a cop out and here’s why.

We get it. Everyone is time-poor. There are seriously not enough hours in the day – are we right? But self-love doesn’t have to be a full day event. It looks different for everyone and for some, is as quick and easy as blocking out 20 solid minutes for a pamper treatment in your own shower/bath at home. Dim the lights, light some candles, grab the bath salts, that expensive body wash you are saving for a ‘special day’, the beautiful new face exfoliant you’ve been wanting to try for months, maybe a little music and ZERO interruption! Or how about waking up half hour before the rest of the household to make sure you get your morning coffee in absolute silence (or to sneak in one extra episode of that Netflix series you’ve become shamelessly obsessed with – Selling Sunsets, you’re killing us!).

Our point is, making time for self-love doesn’t have to be a big kerfuffle (unless you want it to be a kerfuffle, in which case you go for it beauty!), and it shouldn’t cause you any stress or angst about the million things on your to-do list. It really is just about the little things we do here and there, to show ourselves love (like booking your ongoing Brow/Lash appointment with your BB girls 😉). The proven benefits are insane – we’re talking better mental health, less procrastination, a better mindset for dealing with adversity, protection against depression, higher optimism, more motivation, and greater happiness!

With all of this in mind, we have two questions for you. Firstly, how good is self-love? And secondly, what are you waiting for? If it’s always been a matter of ‘not enough time’, we think we’ve removed this barrier for you. If it’s just a lack of motivation, maybe some of the BB HQ team’s self-love practices below will inspire you and make you feel as wholesome as it did them. Either way, happy self-lovin’ beauties!

“Beach walk with a coffee!! Something about the water / sea breezes that calms my brain and re-grounds me.”

“Having free reign in my kitchen to bake without interruption, then getting to watch my loved ones enjoy my creations.”

“My monthly beauty visits to my Brow Queens, hairdresser and nail spa. I feel a million dollars when I make time to pamper myself.”

“Retail therapy!” (not designer handbags, thankfully)

“A massage and a hot coffee/lunch on my own – nothing like eating in peace and quiet!”

“Self-love to me is running a bath, with a cup of tea and a good book while I have some alone time to process the crazy, pressure-filled world we live in. It’s so important for me to practise self-love because if I cant find love and peace within myself, how am I meant to love and care for the people who I love? Plus I would probably go a bit batty if I didn’t get some alone time 🤣”